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The Korean Studies Library Collection

The Library collects materials in both English and Korean to support Korean Studies research.  The Korean language collection is located in the East Asia Collection, which occupies the entire 4th floor of the Geisel Library Building. The English-language collection of materials are located throughout the rest of the Geisel Library Building. Our collection emphases are modern and contemporary Korean history and literature, including Korean film studies, and contemporary Korean politics, international relations, reunification, business and industries.  For more information, see the Library's Korean Language e-resources.

Korean Studies Librarian: Jin Moon

UC San Diego Student Organizations

This is an GPS-based, graduate student-led organization for those interested in learning about Korea. Mannam’s objective is to promote cultural understanding and cross-regional networking with other members of the GPS community while enhancing academic and professional interests in all aspects of Korea, including politics, economy, language, and society. Mannam has played a key role in organizing the GPS Korean film festival each year.

Kommon Society
Kommon Society is an organization for Korean American Social Science students. Our organization encourages students' growth, and helps students to broaden views.

Korean-American Student Association
This is a national undergraduate group focused on learning about all aspects of Korean culture and history and introducing Korean culture to students on campus. UC San Diego’s local chapter promotes cultural knowledge, political awareness, and social interaction.

Korean Graduate Student Association
This organization of those of Korean descent includes, beyond graduate students, research staff, postdocs, professors, visiting scholars, and visiting professors at UC San Diego. The KGSA aims to promote unity and harmony among Korean people at UC San Diego and support them in various ways. Its main activities include assisting incoming students with getting settled, hosting seasonal/holiday/sports events, and providing members with useful information about the job market and life on campus.

KO.SCA (Korean Student Cultural Association)
The purpose of this group is to help Koreans new to campus get adjusted, build strong relationships among themselves, and introduce Korean culture to other ethnic groups.

LiNK (Liberty in North Korea)
This group is devoted to raising funds to rescue North Korean refugees and raise awareness at UC San Diego about the refugee crisis.

Community Organizations

San Diego Korean Language Exchange
Summary: Welcome to San Diego's nicest Korean Language Exchange. We meet every Wednesday evening for Korean and English language exchange in a relaxed and fun environment. Whether you're a beginner or advanced speaker, and whether you're looking to learn formal language or the latest slang, this is the place to learn, practice and make new friends. We also host various activities and outings throughout the year. 

Asian and Pacific American Coalition
The Asian Pacific American Coalition (APAC) mission is to cultivate civic engagement to forward the voices of San Diego’s Asian Pacific American community. 

Asian Business Association of San Diego
ABA provides a strong voice on business, cultural and political issues of interest to San Diego’s Asian and Pacific Islander community. ABA was founded in 1990, and has grown to its current membership of almost 400 members. A non-profit 501(c)(6) organization, ABA is funded by membership dues, corporate sponsorships, and the City and County of San Diego. ABA facilitates the growth and development of member businesses through ongoing entrepreneurial education, communication and business networking programs. One of our major goals is to enable members to participate fully in San Diego’s economic development, without regard to race, color, creed or national origin.

The mission of ABA is to unite, promote and advocate the San Diego Asian business community. We provide resources for economic growth and help businesses to compete effectively in the local and global marketplace. Mainstream in our focus, ABA facilitates the growth and development of member businesses through ongoing entrepreneurial education, communication and business networking programs. One of our major goals is to enable members to participate fully in San Diego economic development, without regard for race, color, creed or national origin.

National Association of Asian American Professionals
The National Association of Asian American Professionals is a non-profit professional organization that promotes the career advancement and leadership development of Asian American professionals in all fields through networking, respecting Asian multiculturalism, and supporting diversity and community service. There are currently over 25 chapters, ventures, and affiliates across the United States and Canada and a growing North American membership of over 3,000.