GSR in Transnational Korean Studies (2017/18)

 Institute of Arts & Humanities

The GSR will join UCSD’s Program in Transnational Korean Studies (, the recipient of a five-year (2013-18) $600,000 grant from the Academy of Korean Studies in South Korea.  The student will assist the project director (Todd A. Henry, History) on current research projects.  Primary responsibilities include ongoing work on a database that focuses on non-normative sexuality and gender variance in authoritarian South Korea (1953-1993) as well as transcriptions, translations, and bibliographic compilations.  The candidate should have an excellent command of the modern Korean language and Chinese characters (familiarity with the Japanese language would also be beneficial) as well as advanced computing and archiving skills.  The appointment will begin in fall quarter of 2017 and end in spring quarter of 2018(6/30/18) The workload is 49.99% (20 hours per week), allowing for tuition remission.

A 1-2 page letter of application (describing the candidate’s qualifications and professional interests) and a current CV submitted electronically to by September 16, 2017.  Promising candidates will be interviewed thereafter.  Interviewed finalists will be required to receive a written endorsement from his/her advisor, certifying that the advisor supports the student’s candidacy for the GSR position and that the student is in good academic standing to fulfill the full three-quarter GSR appointment.